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Rancho San Lucas Spa

Grand Solmar at Rancho San Lucas

A Sensory Cabo San Lucas Spa Journey Overlooking The Sea

Spa by the ocean at the Grand Solmar in Rancho San Lucas, will offer a concept of contact with nature outdoors, and personalized service In addition to having the most popular services (relaxing massage, and facials). As well as an exclusive selection of experiences.

This Spa will offer Jacuzzi and showers, its main attraction is the proximity to the Pacific Ocean where you can enjoy the Ocean Breeze



  • Tamma Wakoe (Couples)

    Immerse yourself in a state of tranquility and comfort. Guided by wellness experts will experience a highlight of their senses by delicately combining a couple's special massage.

    80 Min / $640 USD

    Gomma Kahal (Water Moon)

    Nature gives us the benefits of oxygen and we have adapted it to a sequence of body and facial health designed to relax the mind and body. With soft aromas and delicious consistency our products will purify, moisturize and illuminate the skin through a full facial and ending with an exclusive massage with 4 perfectly synchronized hands.

    110 Min / $463 USD

    Kahal Belmacu (Sweet Water)

    We mix the healing properties of the best massage techniques as well as an anti-aging facial to result in the perfect balance between relaxation, well being and rejuvenation.

    140 Min / $463 USD

    Agenari Aene (Dance of the Heaven)

    The jewel of our services in complete harmony between "THE FACIAL" that exceeds any expectation ensuring a visible rejuvenation from the first application, complementing it with a massage that adapts to the different needs of our body.

    140 Min / $463 USD