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Grand Solmar Sea Spa at Land's End

Sea Spa at Land's End Sea Spa Cabañas Beauty Parlor


Indulge Your Senses With Our Los Cabos Spa Experiences

Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and housed between the rocks at Land's End, discover the relaxing expression of nature. In the settings where all senses combine in renewed harmony gifted hands will treat you with indulging and personalized signature experiences. The natural elements that are part of Land's End Spa are the inspiration and foundation for healing experiences and lingering sensory pleasures.

Signature Experience

  • The Experience

    The ultimate four hands treatment you’ll fondly remember forever. That’s because this choreographic experience will send you to the moon!

    Two synchronized therapists will work in a oxygenating body treatment and oxygen facial performed at the same time, highly recommended for lackluster, dehydrated or devitalized skin, amazing antioxidant & purifying ingredients eliminate stored toxins, protect skin from severe dryness and prevent premature aging, leaving you with exceptionally soft & bright skin.

    Concludes this amazing experience with a four hands massage.

    110 Min / $451 USD

    Land's End Pampering Experience

    Pre-Hispanic Massage

    Traditional Mexican healing wisdom combined with a modern pampering experience and skin care/body technology makes this treatment highly recommended for fearless souls. Going back in time to “Cuxta” (Life in Maya) is the best description for this headto-toe purifying experience. Traditional adjustments with “Rebozo” and herbal oils are just the beginning of the journey.

    “The Detox Facial Cure,” Deep Cleansing

    An exceptional facial cure that deep-cleans and detoxifies the skin while relieving stress. This meticulous cleansing protocol is based on thermos active enzymatic detoxification. Heat is used to open and soften pores, and botanical freshness is applied to close and purify them.

    This treatment is a new concept that pampers your skin and provides an immediate state of well-being so that your skin can reach maximum purity.

    Bamboo Body Scrub

    This delicate body scrub uses bamboo micro particles especially selected to massage and exfoliate skin while purifying and removing impurities from the surface of your skin. Thanks to its extraordinary properties - anti-inflammatory, healing, soothing, protecting and hydrating - your skin will look soft, luminous and completely renewed.

    170 Min / $451 USD

    Moon Light to Remember for Two

    Indulge yourself next to the one you love with a romantic experience that explores all the human senses and honors creation.

    This massage is inspired by the Yin & Yang philosophy. The beautiful moonlight and the soothing sound of the ocean are the perfect combination to revive and remind you of the origin of your love.

    85 Min / $563 USD

    Solmar Marine Experience

    Regenerate, hydrate and relax your restless & mind with this synergic treatment. The benefits of an anti-aging facial and a deeplyrelaxing Signature massage followed by a Cabana experience that includes our exclusive “Land´s End” treats and amenities will blowaway your mind.

    Grand Solmar Signature Massage

    This relaxing massage is the perfect combination for those who like diversity in their massage. Relaxing, bamboo massage, Deep tissue, Reflexology, Acupressure and Stretching are some of the techniques your therapist will use. Aromatherapy oils enhance the experience.

    Intense Anti-aging Facial, “Halt the Passage of Time”

    Highly recommended for people who want to challenge the test of time and reduce visible signs of aging such as wrinkles or saggy, dry or lackluster skin.

    This high-powered repair treatment is made possible by elevated concentrations of regenerative active ingredients that reinforce the skin’s structure in order to reverse the signs of aging. Enhanced by an amazing remodeling massage and a double mask, this protocol redefines the contour of your face with a surprising, immediate lifting effect. The amazing facial includes a triple exfoliation system and a seaweed plastic mask.

    Your skin will feel rejuvenated, firm and wrinkle-free.

    140 Min / $405 USD

    Embracing Life Experience

    Choose your favorite massage experience and combine it with an express facial or body exfoliation.

    Choose one:

    * Personalized Massage
    * Bamboo Massage
    * Grand Solmar Signature Massage
    * Mother to be

    You can combine with (choose one):

    * Vitamin C Body Scrub
    * Express Facial.

    110 Min / $345 USD

    Diamond Life Infusion Facial

    The art of rejuvenation

    An innovative treatment that infuses life into your skin in order to preserve youth and beauty.

    This revolutionary experience provides unprecedented rejuvenating action by regulating the 4 key skin-age biomarkers. This intensive, comprehensive treatment results in firmer, more luminous and visibly younger looking skin.

    Redefines your facial contour, improves skin texture and fades wrinkles and expression lines in just one session.

    An amazing “youth elixir” that unveils renewed skin that is soft, smooth and wonderfully rejuvenated.

    80 Min / $405 USD